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5 touches to add a postmodern feel to your garden

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If you’ve got a firm vision in mind for your property, it makes sense that you’ll be very selective about the type of metal railings or gates you’d choose for your outdoor space. We’ve got plenty of styles to choose from here at SL Wrought Iron, from Wilpshire to Belthorn. And speaking of Belthorn, if the more modern or postmodern style is something that appeals to you, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate the latter into your space, to complement your choice of wrought iron gate or railings.

Start with bold geometric shapes

Postmodern design thrives on bold geometric shapes, so a good place to start is by incorporating large, striking elements such as circular patios, triangular planting beds, and square water features. These shapes not only create visual interest but also provide a sense of structure and order amidst the natural chaos of a garden.

You also might want to consider using metal or stone to construct these shapes, as these materials can add a contemporary edge to your space. These geometric forms can also serve as focal points, drawing the eye and anchoring different areas of your garden. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different shapes to create a dynamic and intriguing landscape.

Embrace vibrant and contrasting colours

One of the hallmarks of postmodern design is its fearless use of colour. To bring this into your garden, one good way is to choose a palette that includes vibrant, contrasting colours. For example, by pairing bright blues with vivid oranges, or lively greens with bold reds. These colours can be introduced through plants, garden furniture, or even painted fences and walls.

Crucially, don’t shy away from experimenting – the more unexpected the combination, the better. And of course, don’t forget to incorporate colourful planters, cushions, and decorative items to enhance the visual impact. Remember, the goal is to create a lively and stimulating environment, so go bold and let your personality shine through.

Mix traditional and modern materials

Postmodernism is all about juxtaposition, so blending traditional and modern materials can create a fascinating contrast in your garden. You’ve got no shortage of options to do this – for example, you could pair wrought iron gates with sleek, modern planters, or use classic wooden benches alongside contemporary sculptures. This mix of old and new not only adds depth to your garden but also showcases your personal style.

Wrought iron gates, with their timeless appeal, can be a particularly effective element, adding both security and elegance to your garden. Alongside these, it’s never a bad idea to look at incorporating reclaimed materials for a touch of sustainability, adding both character and environmental friendliness to your design. The juxtaposition of these materials can tell a story and create a garden that feels rich with history and innovation.

Add whimsical and unexpected elements

Ideally, a postmodern garden should have a sense of whimsy and surprise, so add a couple of unexpected elements here and there to keep visitors on their toes. This could be anything from an avant-garde sculpture to a quirky water feature. Even functional items like garden sheds or trellises can be designed with a twist. Think outside the box and look for pieces that will make visitors stop and take a second look. On that note, you might want to consider integrating hidden seating areas or secret pathways that invite exploration. Unexpected elements can create moments of joy and wonder, making your garden a truly enchanting space.

Create zones with varied textures

Finally, texture plays a crucial role in postmodern design. To incorporate this into your garden, you’ll need to create distinct zones with different textures. Use a combination of gravel, pebbles, grass, and decking to indicate areas for relaxation, dining, and play. This not only adds visual interest but also helps to define the different uses of your garden space. Varied textures can make even a small garden feel dynamic and multifaceted, so think about how to include textured plants such as ornamental grasses, succulents, and leafy shrubs to add layers of tactile interest. Combining different textures can create a sensory-rich environment that is engaging and immersive.

Those are just a couple of our ideas – ultimately though, it’s all up to you! As for us here at SL Wrought Iron, we’ll stick to what we do best, and that’s providing a stunning range of wrought iron gates and railings to choose from – so whatever the style of your home or property, you can always find something to suit you. Our ranges encompass everything from Wilpshire and Chatburn to Longridge and Barnoldswick. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?