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Your top questions about painting our gates and railings: answered

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Painting mild steel gates and railings is a fairly straightforward job on the surface of it. After all, it’s not much different from anything else! However, they only need to be painted in very specific circumstances – and in many cases, don’t need to be painted at all. Here are some of the most common questions we’re often asked about painting wrought iron gates and railings – and our top answers!

Can you fix the rust on my existing set of wrought iron railings or gates?

This is unfortunately not a service we’re able to provide here at SL Wrought Iron, mainly because the job is a lot more complex than a lot of people think. 

Essentially, dealing with rust on an existing set of railings or gates is about far more than just painting them. They first need to be removed and sandblasted before another coat of paint can be applied, and that’s generally best done by a specialist – again, it’s not something we choose to do at SL Wrought Iron. Plus, complications can arise when we’re not dealing with products we’ve supplied ourselves, as there can be differences in their specifications – which have the potential to make the job more complex and time-consuming in countless little ways. 

If you’re replacing them on the other hand, that’s a different matter!

Do I need to paint my galvanised gates or railings?

Generally, no. Most of the gates and railings we supply here at SL Wrought Iron have been galvanised and powder coated, which means they come with their finish has already been applied by our team. The result is a product that’s very low-maintenance, and requires relatively little preparation before it can be installed.  

More rarely, some of our customers choose galvanised gates or railings that have not had this finish pre-applied. These tend to be for use in more commercial or industrial environments, where it’s expected that the finish would be at greater risk of casual wear and tear. For this reason alone, these won’t need to be painted either. 

There are a couple of exceptions – in most circumstances when galvanised and powder-coated gates and railings need to be painted, it’s only to reapply the coating after some light wear or damage. It’s not unusual for them to experience a bump or two during the installation process, and some of the most frequently moving parts can have their paint start to flake off eventually after a few years. 

However, it’s worth noting that even if the top layer of paint has come off and you can see the silver underneath, then don’t worry – it doesn’t mean there’s structural damage. A quick touch-up is normally all it takes to get it sorted, and we’ll be able to supply you with a specialised paint for just that purpose. 

What if I want to paint my gates myself?

No problem! We also supply a range of primed gates and railings (although they’re not quite as popular with our customers as our galvanised options, due to the extra effort generally involved with painting them). If you’d like to apply your own choice of paint though, and you’re happy to put the time in, primed gates can give you plenty of creative freedom!

Of course, all the usual rules of painting apply – for example, you’ll need to store them inside while you paint them (so that the finish isn’t affected by outside contaminants) and ensure that the place is sufficiently ventilated to minimise the risk from the fumes. Similarly to galvanised gates, you’ll need specialised paint – in this case, metallic Hammerlite paint, which is widely available from places like B&Q for example. We don’t supply it ourselves here at SL Wrought Iron, but if you need a word or two of advice on any other places to get any, our team will always be happy to lend a word or two of advice!

 And if you’re currently in the planning stages of sizing up your property for new wrought iron metal gates or railings, you’re in exactly the right place.

We offer a wide range of choices to cater to every taste, including our popular Chatburn and Ribchester styles. If you can’t find the size you need on our website, don’t worry! Our bespoke services allow you to get a custom size that meets your specific requirements. Simply get in touch with our friendly team on 01254 236994 and provide us with your measurements, and we’ll give you a bespoke quote. We’re always happy to help!