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4 excellent ways to transform your home for Spring

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Spring has officially sprung, even if it might not feel like it when looking out of the window sometimes! But trust us, sunny weather is on the way. That makes it a brilliant time to make some changes to your home – whether that’s something on a small scale, or a little grander. And if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, we’ve got a couple of suggestions for you here at SL Wrought Iron!

Give wood and decking a fresh lick of varnish, oil or paint

The harsh wind, rain and sometimes hail of winter can be pretty unkind to garden features or surfaces that are exposed to the elements 24/7. Your fences are smack bang in the middle of that category, which means they can end up not looking their best by the chilly season’s closing days. Decking (if you have it) is often in a similar state.

So, if you’re looking at using your garden more in Spring, as many people are, then it may well be worth taking a bit of time to spruce them up, to get them looking a bit more shipshape. Obviously though, there’s a big difference between oiling, staining, varnishing, and painting – so while it sounds a bit silly, it’s always worth double checking that you’ve got the right substance for the job. Decking doesn’t always respond well to painting, and some types of fence might not need to be oiled.

Illuminating ideas with solar lighting

Now is the time when you might be thinking about spending more time in your garden, as the weather warms up. You may love a good book out there in the early evening, or perhaps a quiet glass or two with your significant other. You may even just find yourself coming and going a bit more often. Whatever the case, having a bit of lighting out there is always a good plan – both for comfort reasons, and of course for safety.

Solar lights are always a popular one if you want something at ground level; they’re great for lining paths, which can be particularly helpful if you’re worried about people tripping over. Or if you just need something for the mood, you might want some string lights to hang overhead, casting a gentle glow. You can also attach lights to your fencing, or choose a battery-powered statement lamp (so you don’t have to worry about cables). It’s all up to you!

New furniture for hosting

We touched on the idea of hanging in the garden a bit more above – and if you’re considering getting company over a bit more often as the weather warms up, then it’s never a bad idea to take a look at your garden furniture, too. Most of us often tend to have a few spare deckchairs kicking around, but what kind of state they’ll be in after winter can be a bit of a lottery. Not only can that make them unappealing to sit on, but if they’re wooden, damp or woodworm can make them actively unsafe.

To avoid that, you may want to think about getting some sturdy (but economically-priced) garden furniture, or even spare indoor furniture that you think will be hardy enough to withstand outdoor conditions. Don’t forget, you’ll need to think about storage too, especially if it rains. As for how many, and what kind of quality – well, that rather depends on what kind evenings or weekends you have planned…

Consider wrought iron gates or railings

True, it’s a bigger change than everything else we’ve suggested so far on our list – but there’s no shortage of reasons why a wrought iron gate or railing is always a worthy investment. It’s a useful security measure for starters, providing a solid barrier that makes it difficult to access your home or property without the proper authorisation – helping to give you peace of mind against the possibilities of theft or burglary.

Equally though, it’s also a brilliant style statement. We’ve got an excellent range of wrought iron gates here at SL Wrought Iron, so you’ve always got a variety of choices in how to match your gate to your home’s aesthetic. What’s more, they can even add value to your home.

Those are just a couple of their core advantages – you may well find that they’re able to grant even more specific ones for your home or property! If you’re on the lookout for the right metal gates or railings to install, you’ll find plenty of options right here at SL Wrought Iron! You can take a look at our full range on our homepage, or if you’re looking for something in particular, you can always contact us on 01254 236994, or, and we’ll be happy to advise!