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Our top 4 most popular gate and railing styles

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With more than 20 years of experience behind us here at SL Wrought Iron, we’ve quickly grown to become a business with a national reach – but despite that, we’ve never forgotten our Lancashire roots. We’re immensely proud to be Northern through and through, and we’ve reflected that pride in our heritage in the names of all of our top ranges of metal railings and gates. 

In many ways, it seemed like a natural choice – taking a craft that’s famously steeped in tradition, and marrying it with historic towns and villages that were steeped in rich and fascinating histories of their own. That idea seems to have really resonated with our customers – so in that spirit, here are four of our most popular gate and railing styles! 


Our Chatburn range is named after the charming village in the Ribble Valley, not far from Clitheroe, and we’ve sought to echo its quiet, classically English charm. Our range is distinguished by the classic design elements like the twisted bars and curved details, which give it an established look and feel. 

Featuring a pleasant mix of the intricate and understated, Chatburn is a highly versatile style that fits in a range of settings, from traditional environments to more contemporary types of surroundings. With all that in mind, it’s no surprise why it’s consistently one of our best sellers!


Our Ribchester range is named after another village in the picturesque Ribble Valley (not too far from Chatburn, as it happens). The village has an impressively long history, as it’s speculated to have originated as far back as the Bronze Age. 

Accordingly, our Ribchester range reflects that historical prestige with a distinctively traditional style. With its sophisticated mid-bar twists and classic spear-shaped tops, it’s a perfect for fit for a home with a traditional aesthetic. Equally, it can add an intriguing visual element and to understated modern properties. 


The village of Whalley sits on the banks of the River Calder, a few miles away from Ribchester and Chatburn. Just like Ribchester, its origins are thought to stretch as far back as the Bronze Age. In all the centuries since, it’s now earned itself a reputation for being both beautiful and unobtrusive – which are both adjectives that can equally apply to the range that inherited its name, our Whalley range here at SL Wrought Iron. 

Sleek, modern and stylish, this range is easily distinguishable by the circular pattern in its railings, and the pleasing rounded top of its posts. And ideal choice if you want to infuse your home with a certain kind of chic elegance!


Unlike the other villages that have inspired the ranges we’ve detailed above, the village of Belthorn is not encompassed by the Ribble Valley – but rest assured, with its compact neighbourhoods mostly comprised of old weavers’ cottages, the place is replete with a unique personality all of its own. That’s certainly what drew our attention to it here at SL Wrought Iron, and a big part of the reason why we used it as the inspiration for our Belthorn range. 

In many ways, our Belthorn gates and railings strike a neat balance between the styles of Whalley and Ribchester, effortlessly fusing their slim traditional silhouette with the rounded tops so often associated with more modern designs. If you want the best of both worlds, it’s always worth giving Belthorn a look.

Those are just a few of our suggestions of course – it’s far from an exhaustive look at all the ranges we have to offer here at SL Wrought Iron! If you want more inspiration, don’t hesitate to check our out post on timeless fencing options that will never go out of style. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to take a look around our site, and see what you can find.

At SL Wrought Iron, we understand that everyone has their own unique design preferences. That’s why we offer a wide range of choices to cater to every taste. If you can’t find the size you need on our website, don’t worry! Our bespoke services allow you to get a custom size that meets your specific requirements. Simply get in touch with our friendly team on 01254 236994 and provide us with your measurements, and we’ll give you a bespoke quote. We’re always happy to help!