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What does the galvanisation process involve?

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At SL Wrought Iron, we always recommend galvanised and powder coated metal gates and railings to our customers, but why? Well, it’s because it gives the steel durability and helps it last significantly longer, all while keeping rust at bay.  

When looking into wrought iron gates for your property, there are many industry terms you might come across. And “galvanised” or “galvanisation” is undoubtedly one of them – it can stump many of our customers, especially first-time buyers of steel gates and railings, and we get that. So, what exactly is galvanisation? To help you understand more, let’s look at what the process entails and how it works to protect your gates and railings.

What is galvanisation?

Whether looking at metal gates or metal railings, galvanisation involves applying a coating to the steel to protect the metal beneath. It actually uses zinc, which reduces the chance of rust, discolouration, and staining for outdoor use (though the metal can be used indoors too). This coating makes the steel effectively weatherproof and adds a vibrant silver finish, protecting your gates and railings for up to 70 years.

What does the galvanisation process involve?

At SL Wrought Iron, we send our bespoke gates and railings off to a trusted company to be galvanised, creating steel that’s better prepared for decades of outdoor use. The hot dipping galvanisation process follows the British standard EN ISO 1461 for a high-quality finish.

The process begins by cleaning the steel of debris and dirt to ensure a smooth surface. The steel is then completely submerged in molten zinc at a temperature of 449 degrees Celsius – the extreme temperatures are one of the reasons professionals must carry out galvanisation.

When submerged, the molten zinc creates a protective coating around the steel. After cooling and drying, the gates and railings are returned to us, where we added the final powder coating to finish the steel, using electrostatic techniques to apply the powder before baking it in an oven for an even, beautifully deep colour pay-off that further enhances the look of your gates and railings.

Once finished, there’s a total adhesion between the zinc coating and the railing beneath. This creates a complete protective layer with no room for water or debris to get in, which is one of the reasons it’s so effective.

Why choose galvanised metal gates?

You could just spray paint your standard metal gates with a protective coating, so why choose galvanised steel?

To begin with, it provides more complete cover for your metal, protecting every millimetre from wear and tear. It’s also longer lasting, so you don’t have to worry about applying repeat coatings every year.

Galvanised steel is the fuss-free choice for beautiful metal railings and gates that don’t need maintenance to stay looking fresh.

At SL Wrought Iron, we take steel seriously. British-made and with a 10-year workmanship guarantee, our galvanised and powder coated metal gates and railings add a touch of class to any setting. If the details of galvanisation have piqued your interest, be sure to browse through our range of handpicked designs on our website, each of which is available in a variety of sizes.

For any assistance choosing your metal gates or railing, reach out to us at 01254 236994 and we’ll be more than happy to help!