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How do metal gates and railings improve your home’s security?

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Security consistently ranks as one of the most important priorities for home-owners and buyers. And it’s no wonder, too. We’re all familiar with the phrase “what makes a house a home”, and it’s used to promote all sorts of different products and lifestyles, but when it comes to security, there’s no question that it’s a demonstrable truth. Above all, a home signifies safety and security.

With that in mind, it’s probably not surprising that so many of the questions we’re asked by customers about our metal gates and railings often revolve around security. If it’s something on your mind too, you’ll be glad to hear that metal gates and railings do indeed improve your home’s security. Here’s why!

Metal gates and railings are effective and imposing deterrents

One of the main things that so many people forget about burglaries is that they’re often opportunistic crimes. That means anything which suggests it might make breaking in more difficult or time-consuming can serve as a highly effective deterrent – and few home features perform this role better than metal gates and railings.

The deterrent effect is simple and universal – gates and railings pose a physical barrier which means that anyone considering trespassing will need to either climb it or break through it. Both of those things can be noisy and risky, and crucially they can take time, especially if the design of the gate or railing has pointed railheads.

Either way, from the outsider’s view it presents a tangible risk of them getting hurt – or worse, caught. And as we’ve touched on above, since most potential burglars are opportunists, the vast majority of them simply won’t be prepared to take the risk.

They communicate a focus on security

So, we’ve explained how gates and railings can serve as effective deterrents in isolation. But their effect can also be more subtle, since their mere presence generally suggests that the owner or occupier of the premises has security very firmly in mind. As far as any potential intruder is concerned, that means in addition to gates they might also have to worry about locks, alarms, and CCTV cameras (just to name a few).

When it comes right down to it of course, you don’t even necessarily have to have all these extra features actually installed – in most cases, even the suggestion of them will probably be enough. But if you’ve got the budget for it, there’s no harm in it either!

Improved security can boost the value of your home

As we touched on above, improved security is a top priority for homeowners and buyers alike. That means it’s not just useful for when you’re occupying your property, it can be an excellent investment for making your home even more attractive to buyers. It’s the kind of thing that can even end up being a tiebreaker for buyers still struggling to make a final decision. And of course, there’s the extra aesthetic value that it can bring to your home, which once again can notably increase its value. Always worth bearing in mind!

That’s all the essentials covered! If you’ve got any specific questions that we’ve not addressed here, or you need any in-depth help or advice, don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team right here at SL Wrought Iron. We have over three decades of experience behind us, and all of our metal gates and railings are handcrafted by talented experts right here in our Lancashire factory. You can choose from our beautiful ranges right here on our website, and we can even make bespoke products according to individual customer specifications!

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