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The 3 main things that affect the cost of your new gates

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We have over 30 years of experience selling and manufacturing high-quality metal gates, fences and railings at SL Wrought Iron. Over the years, we’ve noticed that similar questions arise from countless customers regarding metal gate prices, namely, what factors affect a gate’s cost. So, today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about gate prices and the top three things that will affect the price.

The finish of your gate

The first thing that will affect the overall price of your gate is the finish it comes with. This mainly pertains to metal gates, but generally speaking, coating that offers enhanced durability and protection will be more expensive than simply a primed or painted gate. We offer a galvanised powder coating for our products at SL Wrought Iron. The zinc galvanising treatment ensures that the gate is protected from rust or corrosion for up to 70 years, so it goes without saying why this sort of finish is slightly higher in price than a simply primed gate. It lessens the maintenance significantly and is overall a more economical choice.

How detailed or ornate your gate is

Another factor that will affect the cost of your gate is how detailed the work is. No matter the material, when it comes to gates, highly ornate designs will always cost more than simpler designs because of the amount of time and craftsmanship that goes into creating a detailed piece. So if you’re looking to buy an elaborate decorative gate like, for example, our Great Harwood Galvanised Driveway Gate, the price will be slightly higher than something more chic and clean, like our Langho Galvanised Driveway Gate. That’s not to say one is better than the other. A significant amount of personal preference and consideration for the rest of your home’s exterior appearance should also factor into the choice.

The size and quantity of your gates

Lastly, you should consider the size of the gate you’d like when putting together your budget, as the more material needed to construct your gate, the higher the price will be. Much like ornate gates, taller and even double gates require more time and craftsmanship to create than smaller garden gates, so it goes without saying that that will bump up the price.

Before you set out to choose your gate, think about the requirements that your gate has to fulfil. Do you have a large drive that is going to need double gates? You may be looking for a tall gate for extra security, or you may be simply looking for an average-sized gate for the end of the front garden. Each situation requires a different solution and will have varying price tags attached. When you know exactly what you need, you can factor points one and two into the equation and choose a gate that’s ideal for your home and within your budget.

Now you have all the information you need to make the right choice for your home. However, if you’d like some more advice or even a personal recommendation for your next metal gate, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at 01254 236994!

All of our products are handcrafted right here in our Lancashire factory by our team of skilled and experienced craftsmen and each design is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. You can choose from our beautiful ranges right here on our website, or we can create a bespoke product according to your individual specification!