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The top 4 benefits of metal fencing for your home

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Adding fencing around your home is a brilliant way to protect and add an extra layer of visual appeal to your property. On today’s market there’s an endless amount of fencing options available. However, if you’re looking for a timeless, long-lasting and beautiful fence that won’t need replacing every 10 years, then metal fencing is the answer.

Here at SL Wrought Iron, we have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying metal fencing, giving us a wealth of knowledge about all the various ways in which metal fencing can benefit your property. So, if you’re in the market for a new fence, here are four reasons why you should consider metal fencing for your home.

Home security

Metal fencing has been around for centuries. In fact, wrought iron fencing dates back to the 12th century! Though it has an incredibly long history, we’re still utilising it for many of the same purposes today, like home security for example. Metal fencing is excellent at protecting properties; the sturdiness of metal is a brilliant deterrent for trespassers, burglars or even for keeping wild animals at bay. On the other side of that, if you’ve got animals you’d like to keep in, it’s great for that too. For those reasons alone, metal fencing is also a very good investment – not only does it make your property more secure, the newfound security also adds market value to your home.

Easy to maintain

While other styles of fencing like wood, for example, can be tempting due to their lower initial costs, the amount of maintenance they require to keep them in good condition adds up over the years – and so does the cost of those treatments. Not to mention that wood fencing needs replacing around every 10-15 years. Metal fencing however, requires very little maintenance outside of the occasional clean and coat of paint. OK, you might be thinking, so how long does a metal fence last? Well, with the right kind of care, that could be over 75 years. In other words, long enough to last you a lifetime. So it’s definitely a worthy investment!


Another one of the benefits of metal fencing is durability. The strength and resilience of a metal fence is almost unrivalled by any other material, such as composite or wood. Its security benefits and ease of maintenance directly stem from this one.

Not only is it capable of standing up to daily wear of the elements such as heavy rain, snow and hail all year round, but metal is also much more capable of withstanding physical contact – whether that’s sustained pressure, or a sudden impact, such as being accidentally hit by a vehicle or a tree during a particularly nasty storm (up to a certain extent of course). This is part of the reason they make brilliant home security solutions, the resilience they display will be incredibly difficult to get through without permission.

Variety and Aesthetics

If you’re looking for timeless beauty and freedom of variety, then metal fencing is right up your alley. When it comes to styles of metalwork, colouring and intricate detail, the options are as vast as they are beautiful. Aside from all the practical benefits, aesthetics is certainly up there as one of the most highly-valued aspects of metal fencing. The sheer variety of styles provides an excellent framework for injecting personal taste into your fencing (and kerb appeal into your property). You could opt for something intricate and full of timeless detail, or similarly, you could opt for something chic and simple – the choice is yours!

All of our products at SL Wrought Iron are handcrafted by talented experts right here in Lancashire. We have an expansive range of styles to choose from right here on our website, and we can even make bespoke products according to your specifications! So whatever style of metal fencing you’ve imagined for your home, we can make it happen. If you have any questions or need any advice, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01254 236994, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.